Clara Casey has more than enough on her plate. Her daughters Adi and Linda were no problem during the usually turbulent teens. Now Adi is always fighting for or against something: the environment or the whale or battery farming; while Linda lurches from one unsatisfactory relationship to the next. As if this wasn’t enough, Clara, a senior cardiac specialist, has a new job to cope with and now her ex-husband wants something from her…

Declan is looking forward to joining the clinic – but what should have been a straightforward six-month posting brings him far more than he expected. Then there’s Father Brian Flynn, whose life is turned upside down when his reputation is threatened. And the beautiful, cheerful nurse Fiona, who can’t leave her troubled past behind…

For Ania, meeting Clara Casey is a miracle. She never intended to leave Poland – but perhaps a new job in a new country will mend her broken heart?

Reviews of Heart and Soul

“Oh, the bliss … Maeve’s back … The heart is the theme, literally and metaphorically, and this is heartwarming stuff.” — The Times

“To read it is like being wrapped up in pink blanket with a hot-water bottle – but, make no mistake, there is magic at work.” — Sunday Times

“She knows how to fashion a minor drama into a crisis, and book rattles along from one gripping story to another, leaving the reader with a satisfying glow … It does exactly what it says on the tin: gives and heart and soul.” — Daily Mail

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Heart and Soul


Heart and Soul

Published in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand by Orion. Published in the USA by Knopf.

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