Deeply Regretted By…

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is a 1978 television play starring Joan O’Hara and Donal Farmer, with the script being written by Maeve Binchy. The movie is based upon the Binchy story ‘Death of Kilburn’ that ran in The Irish Times and deals with issues of bigamy and emigration: an unnamed London widow discovers that her marriage was a sham and that her Irish “husband” had deep secrets that he had been keeping from her. It was directed by Louis Lentin.

The play won two Jacob’s Awards for Maeve’s script and Farmer’s performance. Maeve also won the Best Script Award at the Prague Film Festival.

The text is now available from Arlen House
Paperback, 80 pages
Published 2007 by Arlen House
(first published 2006)
Deeply Regretted By…… (Arlen Classic Literature)

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Deeply Regretted By...